Re-enactor Groups

Enrolled Groups

Dragoon Squadron 1972

Presentation of the Dragoon Squadron 1970 on active duty before their abolishment.

Detachment 40

Operating a soldiers' canteen during WW2 in the close border area.


A living history of WW2. Preserving and handing on the history of WW2.

Deuce, 101st Airborne Division

C-Company, 1st Battalion. Presentation of the original parachutist equipment of WW2.

Runway Camp 44

Operation of a Runway Camp (airfield). At the end of Stinson Runway a small but superb pilots' camp.

Round Canopy Parachuting Team Suisse

Daily parachute jumps from the Dakota C-47. Operation of an original US Airborne Camp 1944.

Big Red One

First Reenacting Group Switzerland. Operation of 101st Airborne Division from WW2 up to now.

Association of the Friends of the Swiss Army

Troop Organisation of Army 61. Special Show with PAK-50, PAK-57, Flab-54 (PAK = Anti Tank Cannon; Flab = Anti Aircraft Gun).

Military History Collection Stetten a.k.M.

Reservist Companions-in-arms Waldhausen, Oldtimer Dept.

Reservists-Companions -in-Arms, Oldtimer Dept.

Operation of a field camp of the German Bundeswehr 1970/1980.

National People's Army

60 years of National People's Army NVA.

French Legion

Engagement of a French Legionnaires' Unit in Northern Africa, WW2.

Group Oak Leaves

Operation of a German Defence/Repulsion Line in the Caen area, Normandy, June 1944.

Border Room

Operation of a Swiss border outpost of World War 2, analogous to Convoy 2013.

AMP Rubikon

Presentation of various vehicles and material of the Swiss and US armies. Our group is celebrating our 20-year jubilee and is arriving with everything on hand for a full week, including a recovery tank. 20 participants together with some children.

Condor Fraternity Basel

Motor bikers of the traffic police Army 61 from the seventies. Authentic camp with tent. Cooking with petrol carburetor hobs.

HQ Command

Authentic US Army camp with 12 small wall, 2 toilet and 3 pyramid tents. 15 vehicles, fully functional radio transmitters, 1 original 4 x 0.50 anti-aircraft-gun. 35 participants.

Combat Engineer Group

Presentation of the World War Two combat engineers, their technical equipment and mission. Maintenance of the means deployed with workshop and presentation of original wheel and track vehicles. 15 vehicles, 14 GI’s.