Convoy Route

The legendary Convoy-Parade through the Argovian Jura

The route through the gorgeous Jura landscape and Fricktal is 35 kilometers.

On Convoy 2013 thousands of enthusiastic spectators observed the drive-past of the approximately 300 old-timer vehicles. The great sympathy of the region touched all participants and prompted the Organizing Committee to choose the same route again:
Birmenstorf - Birrfeld - Schinznach - Talheim - Polenstrasse - Zeihen - Gallenkirch - Riniken - Brugg - Birmenstorf.

The municipality of Zeihen is going to organize an official reception again. The town of Brugg has once more permitted the passage through the old town.

Arrival in Zeihen appr. 12 noon. Passage through Brugg appr. from 13.15

Passage times of the head of the motorcade see plan.

Particularly attractive positions for visitors: Bridge over the river Reuss near Mülligen, Polenstrasse, Zeihen, Brugg Old Town.

The restaurant Güggeli Waage in Windisch is open and offers excellent food and drinks with the best view of the Convoy parade.

Convoy Route
Convoy Route